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Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Summer in Central Kansas can equate to high energy bills. Running systems such as your air conditioner increase your electrical costs, but with a few tips, you can keep your electrical bill at a reasonable level.

1. Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan increases airflow without turning down your thermostat. They are relatively inexpensive to install and can make it feel much more comfortable throughout the house. Be sure your ceiling fan is rotating counter-clockwise during the summer (and clockwise during winter). They are accommodating on high humidity days when your air conditioner has to work harder to keep you cool.

2. Keep Natural Heat Out

Keeping your blinds and currents closed especially during the hottest parts of the day. Blackout curtains can help keep the heat out even more effectively.

3. Run Your AC Efficiently

A programmable thermostat can help you run your air conditioner more efficiently. If you turn your thermostat up 7 – 10°F while you are at work can help you save up to 10% a year on heating and cooling costs, according to

4. Keep Your Filter Changed

One of the essential rules of proper AC maintenance is to ensure the filter gets changed. Depending on the type of filter you have, it will need to be switched out from 30 days to three months. However, increased summer heat usually means you’ll be changing it out more often. Clean air filters provide the following benefits:

· improved airflow in your HVAC system

· removal of containments that can make your family sick

· helps your unit operate more efficiently, which ultimately saves money on your electric bill

5. Be Aware of Daily Activities That Produce Heat

Many homeowners are unaware that they are creating excessive heat in their homes with daily routines. Some of these items include the oven, dishwasher, or stove. Consider waiting until the dishwasher is completely full to run it or wash dishes by hand. Use your grill outside rather than turning on your oven, and wait until evening to do the laundry. Avoid using all these appliances at the same time in the middle of the day.

6. Seal Leaks

Cracks and leaks can be letting hot air in and your cool air out. Sealing these leaks and cracks is an easy way to make your home more efficient. Look around your doors and windows for leaks and cracks and use caulking to seal any issues you may find.

7. Upgrade Your AC Unit

If your air conditioner or HVAC system is 10 years old or older, a new energy-efficient system from Comfort Pro can save you up to 40% off your utility bills. We proudly stock units in all three of our locations – Great Bend, Russell, and Larned so we can serve you more efficiently.

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