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Platinum Plan Delivers Stress-Free HVAC and Plumbing Care

With our ever-increasing busy lifestyles, Comfort Pro’s Platinum Plan provides homeowners one less thing to worry about with service reminders and discounted parts.

“Each Platinum Plan is entirely customized to your home. We look at what systems your home has and how often they need to be serviced to build a plan that best fits your needs,” said Barry Stalcup, owner of Comfort Pro.

Comfort Pro’s Platinum Plan includes major systems such as your heating and air conditioning as well as your water heater, water softener, and reverse osmosis system. The Platinum Plan helps remind homeowners when these systems are due for service to ensure they’re always running properly and at peak efficiency.

Comfort Pro serves all of Central Kansas for plumbing, heating and air with offices in Great Bend, Larned and Russell. Learn more about Comfort Pro on their website at or give them at 1-800-937-3030.

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