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Getting Your Furnace Serviced Could Save Your Life

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Your HVAC system – like your vehicle or any other piece of machinery – requires regular maintenance to continue operating effectively, reliably and most importantly, safely. If you neglect maintenance on your vehicle, you risk becoming stranded on the side of the road. Similarly, neglecting your furnace’s maintenance, you risk compromising your system’s ability to heat your Central Kansas home. In addition to leaving you in the cold, not properly maintaining your system can lead to a number of complications and dangers.

Regular furnace maintenance helps to prevent:

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A cracked heat exchanger can release carbon monoxide into your home without you knowing it. These cracks can be so small that they’re only visible while the furnace is functioning. Because carbon monoxide is undetectable, it is extremely dangerous. It’s been coined as the “silent killer.”

House fires

About 20% of house fires are caused by space heaters. Space heaters are also responsible for 80% of heating-related house fire deaths. Getting your furnace serviced and inspected ensures it isn’t at risk of starting a fire. It also helps to ensure your furnace is capable of heating your entire home – and not cause you to rely on unsafe heating solutions.

Expensive repairs and downtime during brutal Central Kansas winters

Keeping your heating system well maintained helps to identify small malfunctions early so they can be fixed before your furnace stops working. Finding problems early on typically leads to less expensive repairs. Getting your heater inspected and repaired before winter gets here allows for us to ensure it is functional without downtimes during these brutal Central Kansas winters.

Shorter HVAC lifespan

A poorly maintained HVAC system breaks down years earlier than a well-maintained one. Having the Pros at Comfort Pro service your heater or air conditioner before turning them on saves you thousands in repair or replacement costs.

Exorbitant Gas Bills

When your heating system isn’t maintained properly, it doesn’t run efficiently. This means higher gas bills for you. With gas prices rising, you’ll feel that in your pocketbook even harder this year. When you get your system serviced from Comfort Pro, our team cleans out areas you can’t access to ensure that air can flow through uninterrupted, so your system runs more efficiently (and cheaper!)

Trust Your HVAC System with Comfort Pro

Comfort Pro serves all of Central Kansas for your heating and plumbing needs. With locations in Great Bend, Russell and Larned, our team of technicians is ready to keep your home warm all winter long. Schedule your maintenance appointment for your HVAC system before a breakdown or carbon monoxide leak creates a furnace emergency. We service any make or model.


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