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Fall Service Ensures Your Heater is Safe and Keeps Your Family Warm from Brutal Central Kansas Cold

Fall is in the air, which means it is time to knock the dust off your furnace. There are a lot of benefits to having your furnace serviced yearly. Barry Stalcup with Comfort Pro explains some of these benefits:

Ensure Efficiency– Some of your furnace parts can wear down faster than others, especially when used extensively, as we tend to do in our cold Kansas winters. Your filter is a great example of this. The furnace needs to pull air to heat it and then push it throughout your house. Your filter can become clogged over heavy use, which means your furnace has to work harder to pull air through it and decreases the efficiency of your unit.

Save Costs– When your furnace is running at peak efficiency, it doesn’t have to work as hard to produce the same amount of heat. Efficiency saves you money. Additionally, investing in regular maintenance reduces the risk of expensive repair or replacement costs down the road.

Decrease Risk of Failure– Having a licensed HVAC technician inspect your furnace once a year can help catch any parts that are starting to get worn out and replace them before they fail and cause you to lose your heat. Professionals will also lubricate parts that might need it and check the electrical wiring. Having an HVAC professional inspect your furnace gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family will be warm throughout the winter.

Extend the Life of Unit– Buying a new furnace unit is an investment, and you want it to last as long as possible. Regular maintenance by a professional extends the life of your heating unit, enabling you to get more money out of your furnace purchase.

Maintain the Manufacturer’s Warranty– Not having your machine inspected and serviced regularly by a professional may void the warranty. It is important to double-check

your paperwork and keep your furnace serviced accordingly.

Keeps Family Safe– Furnaces are designed to release carbon monoxide during the heating process. The carbon monoxide your furnace releases should be vented through an exhaust pipe to the outside of your house. A licensed HVAC professional will check for leaks in the exhaust pipe to make sure all of that carbon monoxide is exiting your home, and your family is not exposed to this harmful gas.

Comfort Pro has licensed HVAC technicians who are trained to look for these safety hazards and make sure your furnace is ready to kick on this winter. Call them to schedule your appointment 1-800-848-4901. Learn more about Comfort Pro and the services they offer at

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