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Comfort Pro Urges Safety During Fire Prevention Month

Be Informed, Stay Warm, and Stay Safe

GREAT BEND, KAN. — As we embrace the crisp autumn air and prepare for the colder months ahead, October takes on special significance as Fire Prevention Month. For Comfort Pro, this month serves as a crucial opportunity to raise awareness about home heating safety and educate our community on how to stay warm throughout our Kansas winters without compromising safety.

The Space Heater Dilemma

Space heaters are often seen as a quick and convenient solution for beating the chill, but they come with their own set of dangers. One of the primary hazards is the risk of fire. These small, portable devices can become a source of disaster when used improperly, especially when plugged into extension cords. In fact, one in three heating-related house fires is caused by space heaters.

Carbon Monoxide: A Silent Threat

While staying warm is a priority, it's equally important to consider the invisible danger of carbon monoxide (CO). CO is an odorless, colorless gas produced by incomplete combustion, often associated with malfunctioning or poorly maintained furnaces. Symptoms of CO poisoning can be subtle and mistaken for other ailments, making it a silent but deadly threat.

Regular furnace inspection and maintenance are critical to safeguard against CO leaks. Signs that your furnace may be emitting CO include excessive soot buildup, a yellow burner flame (instead of blue), or strange odors originating from the furnace. Early detection and preventive measures are key to keeping your home CO-free.

“Many times, areas that leak carbon monoxide in your furnace are undetectable upon a simple inspection by homeowners,” Barry Stalcup, owner of Comfort Pro said. “When we conduct professional inspections of your heating system, we open it up and look for things like cracks in the heat exchanger that may only be visible when the furnace is operating.”

Upgrade to Safety and Efficiency

A powerful alternative to space heaters is investing in a new, energy-efficient heating system. Not only will this choice provide consistent warmth throughout your home, but it also significantly reduces the need for space heaters. Modern heating systems come with advanced safety features, minimizing the risk of fire hazards associated with older models.

Additionally, new heaters are designed to be energy-efficient, translating to reduced utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint. By choosing a new heater, you'll contribute to a greener environment while enjoying a cozy and safe living space.

Fire Prevention Month serves as a reminder that safety should be paramount as we prepare for colder weather. By acknowledging the hazards of space heaters, prioritizing regular furnace inspections to prevent CO risks, and considering a new, efficient heating system, you can ensure a warm and secure home for your family this winter.

Comfort Pro is committed to your comfort and safety. With three locations in Great Bend, Larned and Russell, Comfort Pro serves all of Central Kansas for your heating, air and plumbing needs. Learn more about Comfort Pro at Call to schedule your heating service at 620-793-4208.

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